New information from NPR


Check out the new video posted on my blog… the Human Body and all the bacteria that lives in it.  It’s pretty amazing. Also – I am excited to be back on track with #juicing #healthyeating #low-gluten (still trying for #gluten-free….one day!)

Plus – finally, real doctors and real reports are saying that fungus does play a role in weight gain and weight loss. Very interesting find!


This is exciting!


I’m really excited to be able to share my passion with people. I am even more excited that there are so many options to get that information to so many people. Today, I have been researching more about addictions and how they affect our lives. I was / am addicted to sugar. It’s like any addiction: alcohol, drugs, gambling…I think once you are addicted to “it”, you will always have that addiction. We just stop being junkies. I love sugar – and I can’t stop with just one taste.

Dennis used to smoke, and it would drive him crazy that I could stop at just one cigarette.  That’s called a chipper…and I really could do with or without a smoke. I liked to smoke when I was drinking, or relaxing on the patio – but would never smoke around my kids. The experts say that this form of smoking is different because I was addicted to smoking, not to nicotine. INTERESTING!,,20213458,00.html

So….I have dealt with hypoglycemia and the effects it had on my life: sleep cycles, mood swings, cravings, relationships, parenting behaviors, hunger, thirst, anger management…

Interesting how it’s all related: blood sugar, mood, hunger, sleep, cravings. All related to glucose, food, and over-all health.

The way Dennis stopped smoking was to research the chemical affect it had on his body and brain. His brain was tricking him. He didn’t like that. He was able to quit cold turkey on 1-11-11. He, I’m sure, will talk about it on his blog one day – and I will cross post that, but the fact is that his first time to try quitting, he did it! It was really, really hard for him (and his family) to live through that detox. But, we all have our addictions. Will I be able to eventually get sugar and processed carbs out of my life? I hope so. But, for now – I’m still taking my #plexusslim everyday. I need that boost to get me through. It has helped with cravings and my blood sugar levels. I’m hoping that one day I can say, “Hey, I’ve been a full month without chocolate and tortillas.” Day. By. Day.