Where do I even start? Do I explain who I am now, or where I came from to get here?

I am a mom to three amazing kids and an equally amazing step-daughter. Lindsay is 22, hard working, quiet, independent, helpful, and kind. Elise is 17, artistic, sweet, compassionate, honest, and insightful.  Ethan is 12, fast, athletic, observant, humorous, and charming. Erin is 4, spritely, energetic, self-motivated, loving, and friendly.

I am wife to a supportive, caring, loving, handsome, patient husband. We met in college, fell in love at first sight, and he’s been by my side ever since.

I’m a teacher. I love to learn. I love to research. I love to be the authority on anything. Everything, really. If I don’t know the why or how of something…I will find out. I find it important to be the informer, the one with all the answers. I love medical, psychological, environmental, health, and quirky information. I love to share that information.

I have gone through a recent transformation toward better health.  After learning more about how we can heal ourselves with nutrition, I discovered that it’s not easy – yet it is possible. Even when we have real lives: kids, jobs, families, responsibilities –  we can achieve health and joy.  We were created to be beautiful and whole. We were created to be clean, healthy, and happy. With all of the toxins and processed food that we are exposed to and ingest – it is nearly impossible to maintain health without help. True health leads to mind and body wholeness, happiness, and completeness.


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