Natural Remedy for Hair Loss


This is something that I struggled with on and off for most of my life.  I was always looking for a:

Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

Here’s the deal: I have curly-ish, dry, damaged, frizzy, split-ended hair. Oh…and it’s so thin. It’s always been thin.  Like, normal people can twist a hair tie twice around for a pony tail…those with thick hair sometimes can’t even get it around once. My hair? At least 3 – 4 twists to get a good hold. Once the pony holder has been used a few times…we’re talking 4 – 6 loops around. I know that pulling my hair back when I’m struggling with hair loss is not a great idea.  It causes stress on the follicles and more breakage.  But, when you’re trying to not tug and mess with your hair, or trying to grow it out, or trying not to wash it very often…once or twice a week it goes in a pony.  Plus – with hair loss, when I cook…I have to pull it back. My son would find hair in his food every night! My other children aren’t quite so observant.  But, it really grossed my son out.

For some reason, once puberty hit – I just got this lot in life.  In the 80s, it was almost great. The frizzier and dryer and bigger the hair, the better.  I had the frizzy.  I had the dried-out perm look. BUT – I couldn’t get my hair “BIG” because it’s also very thin.  Any style I put in my hair is gone with-in the hour. Curls go flat. Poof goes straggly.  Flat goes frizzy.

And with the coarse, frizzy strands come lots of breakage.  Every time I brush my hair, I lose a lot of it.

A. Lot.

Hair Breakage is the worst

It breaks like crazy. I can hear it snapping and breaking. I see the result of one hair brushing in the pile on my floor and in the comb.

Hair loss is even worser!

Not only breaking hair – but I could see lots of hairs with the follicle still attached.  The little white tip at the end. I had heard that if that comes out – you’ll never get hair to grow in that spot again.  Well – that sucks because I lose about 50 of those every time I brush.

What I’ve done to stop hair loss

I’ll get to what I did that finally worked, but I honestly tried everything I could find.

Nutrition and other stuff I tried to stop thinning hair:

Iron: Anemia can cause hair loss. But iron supplements are only recommended if you’ve tested positive for iron-deficiency anemia, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Zinc and biotin: These supplements are assumed to help with hair growth because people with metabolic disorders lacking them can have thin or brittle hair and nails.

Saw palmetto: is sometimes touted for hair growth, but there isn’t enough evidence to back that up, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Nuts and seeds, eggs, and fish. All are important sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower inflammation and create a healthier scalp.

Oil and other stuff scalp massage: olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, mayonnaise, avocados, beer, aloe vera, coconut oil…

Medicines and special shampoos I tried for thinning hair:

Nioxin, Joico, Rogaine, Minoxidil…and just about every store-bought shampoo / conditioner combination that touts hair loss prevention or regrowth.

Nothing worked for my hair loss.  I still would lose tons of hair at every brush, every shower, every wash, every pony tail, every time I turned around.  It seemed like I left a river of hair behind me.  Jackets and shirts were covered with my strands…my car seat looked like someone had just gotten a hair cut in it.  I would sweep my bathroom floor every day and get a clump.  My husband would have to clean out the shower drain every time I washed my hair.  The vacuum cleaner would start smoking I didn’t clean the filter and cut the hair off the rotator every time I used it.

What I did to stop my hair loss:

how to stop hair loss. natural remedies for hair loss

So…what I did was not an over night process.  I noticed that slowly my hair became more manageable and much prettier.  Then, I noticed that the bathroom floors weren’t covered every day.  Then, I noticed that when I washed my hair, I didn’t have clumps of hair washing down my back and legs (a few times, I freaked out – thinking a small rodent or snake was going down my legs. That’s how much hair I was losing.)  And remember…I have thin hair to begin with…not a lot to lose.

1 – Nutrition to stop hair loss

I believe that this was the first step in stopping thinning hair.  We started juicing at least five times a week.  Juicing tips and such are found here…(click here) or (click here) for more information on that.  But, I think that getting nutrients into my body in highly absorptive  states was a great move for stopping hair loss. I also started taking a multi-vitamin with thyroid support and aloe vera.  That helped a lot with my nutrition levels and vitamin absorption.

2 – Probiotics to stop hair loss

Probiotics with enzymes allows for all that great food I’m consuming to actually be absorbed.   All the other meds I was taking for allergies, migraines, sleep, energy, moods…all of that? I didn’t need any more. I just felt great. Stress was gone. I felt more in control.  I imagine that worked wonders on stopping my hair loss. Many medicines can cause hair loss. Stress and anxiety causes hair loss. Crazy hormones cause hair loss.

3 – Stop using shampoos!  – NO POO method

I started using a baking soda paste (just about 1/4 a cup of baking soda mixed with 1 cup of water) to clean my hair. Yes, that’s right.  And what I noticed is that I don’t need to wash my hair as often.  I don’t get the big, bubbly, smelly niceness of using fancy shampoos, but I do get clean, soft, non-stripped hair that isn’t dry or frizzy.  I keep a covered plastic container of baking soda in the shower. I also have a plastic cup in there.  I pour out some baking soda, add some water, stir with my finger, and put it on the top of my head.  I work it in…gently.  I don’t worry too much about the ends – they’ll get clean as the water washes away the baking soda mixture.  Don’t scrub.  Just rub…and let it soak for just a minute. Then rinse well.

4 – Stop using conditioners!

I now use apple cider vinegar (somewhat diluted, but not much) to condition my hair.  After washing out the baking soda, I squirt on some apple cider vinegar. I use one of those mustard squeeze bottles that I bought at a dollar store. I know they also sell them at beauty supply stores.  I let this sit for a few minutes – and that’s when I comb my hair. I have a wide-toothed comb in the shower.  Tangles come out easily.

5 – Rinse with cold water to stop hair loss

I then follow-up with a quick rinse with cold-ish water.

6 – Don’t towel-scrub hair to dry

I just flip over, gently loosen up the hair at the scalp, and lightly scrunch to dry. Then I drape the towel over my shoulders to catch the drips, but don’t twist and wrap hair (I think this is more to help with the curly issues…not hair loss…)

7 – Treat ends with Moroccan oil – lightly

The ends might need a little conditioning – if you have super dry / frizzy hair like mine.  Otherwise – you might be good to go!

8 – Don’t brush your hair

Also…just to note…I only brush my hair when I’ve just added the vinegar.  Never any other time. If you do brush, use a big pick-like comb.

Sounds like a lot, but I promise, it’s worth it.  I’m done freaking out about my hair loss. I’m happy with the results.  To some, it might look like a lot of work – but I spend less time on this than I did worrying about my hair falling out.  I considered wigs.  I considered the fact that homeless people are rarely bald…so not washing or brushing must be beneficial.  I considered implants and extensions.

Here are some “professional” opinions on natural ways to stop hair loss…

This is cheaper – and better for me than other options. Thinning hair and hair loss are a thing of the past!


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