New Year’s Resolutions

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I’m getting ready for my New Year’s Resolutions…what are they?

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New Year’s Resolutions

My first resolution is to continue with my healthy eating choices.  I have gotten a little lazy since Halloween. I keep saying, “I’ll start back up with clean eating next week…maybe on Monday.”  Then Sunday rolls around, and I over eat. It’s like my last meal or something. So I binge.  and binge. and binge.

The worst for me is fixing my kids’ lunches for the next day.  I fix healthy food for them: carrots, fresh fruit, water with a little natural flavor, pistachios,  and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  That’s my downfall. Right before I go to bed, I end up eating one or two huge spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly.  I could lie and say it’s organic, natural, no added sugar – sweetened with organic, local honey and say that the jelly is actually organic, preserves…so they are also “fairly” good for me.  But, it’s Peter Pan Creamy Honey peanut butter and a strawberry preserve.  BUT, it’s still 200-400 calories (or more!) right before bed.  That’s the worst thing I can do to my body. FOR REAL!  But, it’s an addiction. I can’t help myself.

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Then, Monday rolls around and I’m bloated and hungry. So hungry that I think I’ll die if I don’t eat something right away.  So I do.  And since I’ve been botching my diet and healthy eating plan for a few days, my mind overtakes my heart…and I eat something crappy.

Then, I think – well, I blew it.  I guess I’ll start fresh tomorrow.  It’s truly like being a drug addict. My brain fights with itself. It’s like I have the little angel on one shoulder telling me to just stop eating the junk and start eating healthy right this very second. But, I also have the little devil sitting on the other shoulder – jumping up and down and saying that I’ve already screwed up – I might as well enjoy this one more day and start fresh tomorrow.  KNOWING that I’ll be having a food hangover the next morning. And what cures a food hangover? A little of the hair of the dog that bit you.  That’s right. It’s a vicious cycle.

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So…right now…not tomorrow, not later tonight, not next week – right this very second, I’m starting fresh.  Who wants to start with me?

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Popular New Year Resolutions


Below are a few of the most popular

New Year Resolutions:

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

How do you plan on achieving your goal?

How successful have you been in the past?

What tips do you have for others?

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After you make your resolution, go here to gain health, will power, finacial indepence, strength, hope, peace of mind…and help!


History of New Year’s Resolutions


People have been making resolutions for generations. Thousands of years, literally, humans have been making promises to themselves about ways to improve their lives, turn over a new leaf.

Babylonians used to make promises to the gods that they would return borrowed objects and repay debts.

Romans would make promises to their god, Janus (January).

Knights would re-affirm commitments to chivalry and the land at the end of the Christmas season.

Current religions still have parallels to this tradition. Reflections, atonement, fasting, sacrifice, improvement…all common themes among year or seasonal transitions.

In the 1940s, about 25% of Americans made New Year’s resolutions. Currently, about 40% make them. Question is: how many last?

What are some current examples of New Year’s Resolutions?

Donate more to the poor.
Become more assertive.
Be more environmentally responsible.
Improve physical well-being
Lose weight
Exercise more
Eat better
Drink less
Quit smoking
Get rid of clutter
Career improvements
Start or finish school
Learn something new (hobby or language)
Read more
Become more organized
Manage time more efficiently
Watch less TV
Play fewer video games
Volunteer to help others
Spend quality time with family
Pray more

What is the success rate of New Year’s Resolutions?

Despite the fact that 52% of people are confident of success at the beginning of the year, about 88% of those who set New year resolutions fail.

Goal setting seems to be a key factor in success.

Set up a system where small measurable goals are being set; such as, a pound a week, instead of saying “lose weight”).

Also, make the goals public so friends and family can offer support and accountability.

What are your goals and resolutions?

How are you going to hold yourself accountable?

Are you going to be rewarded for maintaining your resolution for small increments?

What have been your past goals?

Were you successful at those? Why or why not?